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Whether you are traveling across the country, or you are only going on an overnight stay, you will most likely bring along some kind of luggage. Not only is luggage traditionally used to transport clothing, it can also come in handy when you are participating in an outdoor sport or any kind of recreation. Even a student will need to use a backpack, which is also considered luggage. So, as you can see, luggage is an essential part of travel and there are hundreds upon hundreds of choices to make!

There are many different types of luggage, including leather briefcases, computer cases, carry-ons, garment bags, garment carriers, kid’s luggage, totes, backpacks, duffel bags, motorcycle luggage, and handbags. Each piece offers its own unique features and uses. Every bag/case is available in many materials, sizes, colors, shapes and prices. No matter what the purpose for your luggage will be, there is no shortage of options for you to pick and choose between!


The perfect carry-on bag - which carry on is right for you?

So, why do people travel and what types of carry-on is available for each? Let's take a look at a few.

Adventure Travel - Backpacks

Adventure travelers put their carry-on to the test. This means that the bag's durability is a high priority. This does not mean that the bag must be bulky and heavy. Most adventure travelers do a lot of walking, hiking, trekking, etc. So, they also need a bag that is lightweight. The perfect choice for the adventure traveler is a backpack carry-on-

Adventure travelers tend to tote their bag around a lot more than other travelers. If you are headed for adventure, then be sure to look for a backpack carry-on with padded straps and a padded back panel. It will be more comfortable. For long trips, look for a carry-on with dual side water bottle pockets and a drop-down duffel for storing dirty clothes and shoes.


Business Travel - Briefs and Totes

Business travelers need to have their devices and documents accessible at all times. Briefs and totes are perfect carry-ons in this case. These bags usually have well-organized compartments and can be easily stored under your seat.

Some features that you will want to look for include a padded compartment for your laptop, cell phone pouch, a full-feature organizer and a shoe pocket. If you do a lot of business traveling, you will also want to choose a bag that has a reputation for being durable.

Famine Vacation - Diaper Bags and Expandable Luggage

Family vacations are wonderful experiences for creating positive memories. They are also a lot of work, especially when traveling on a plane with small children. A good carry-on is essential for transporting all the extras needed to care for kids on long flights.

infants have special needs. Diaper bag carry-ons are designed to meet these needs. Compartments are provided for diapers, ointments, lotions, wet wipes and other products necessary to care for a baby. Expandable luggage is perfect for a family with toddlers because it provides extra space for books and small toys that the child can use during the flight. Small children, depending on their age, can have their own colorful carry-on.


Weekend Getaway - Duffel Bags and Rolling Luggage

For quick trips, small and lightweight bags are the best choice. A couple of options include travel duffels and small rolling luggage- While duffel bags usually do not have a lot of extra pouches and compartments, you really do not need them for a weekend getaway, especially if you use a few packing folders and cubes and have a toiletry kit.


Remember, the perfect carry-on is the one that best meets your needs. The suggestions above are only guidelines. They should give you an idea of what is available and what might be best for each type of travel. Tips for the carry-on traveler If trip will last for only a few days, ditch those huge suitcases and become a carry-on traveler instead. Here are some helpful tips if you're going for this option next time you travel:

-Be aware of the rules and limits for carry-ons - When traveling overseas, limits are much stricter when it comes to carry-on luggage. The type of bag you'll carry may actually depend on the airline you're planning to fly with. There are certain online resources that recommend which specific type of bag to get depending on the airline.

If there's a wheel - Well, in this case, there's no way you should get that bag. Although wheeled bags are easier to carry around, the wheels themselves add to the weight of your bag. Some wheels can weigh up to 3 pounds. Aside from that, not having wheels also works in your favor if it's a small commuter plane you're flying since wheeled bags are usually gate-checked.

Have a measurement of your bag - Once you've decided which bag to take with you, you'll new measure its dimensions. Be sure to include the handles (and wheels, if you're still bent on carrying a wheeled bag) when measuring it to check if indeed the dimensions are within the limits of the airline you intend to fly with. Exceeding such limits could mean checking it as it may not be allowed inside the cabin.

Take it easy on the liquids - As a matter of fact, if it's not absolutely necessary, don't bring liquids with you as some liquids are not allowed on the plane (and even if they are, you're only allowed limited amounts, plus the hassle of having to put them in zip-lock bags with specific dimensions). You can instead buy those liquids in your country of destination.

Know how to pack - You'll be amazed at how much stuff can fit into your luggage if you know how to pack properly and make use of every available space in it. Research on ways on how to pack light and smart.

My Recommendations

Purchase one large, solid bag that'll be checked. It will allow a suit or dress to be jam-packed without getting wrinkled. Buy a carry-on bag with comfortable band and wheels that have many pockets for toiletries, items and surveillance cameras that you might need through the airfare and a possible disaster stop-over.


Many people have always been excited to visit new places where they can relax and enjoy some time without worrying about work, deadlines, and other personal problems. If you are one of those people who love to travel, then you know how important it is to invest in a quality bag. lndeed having a sturdy luggage for your trip can make all the difference.

To keep up with price surges in fuel and competition, the air travel industry is finding ways to get more money out of travelers like you. For instance, they impose luggage weight limitation wherein passengers get additional charges for their excess baggage.


Despite these realities, travelers like you can still enjoy your trip if you consider the following tips:


1. Get the right bag

If you are going for an adventure trip, bringing your backpack whether it is your Hello Kitty backpack or your designer bag, make sure that it can fit all your essentials. Getting one that has several pockets to hold your travel documents and small belongings is a great idea. It is not only compact but also easy to carry around.


2. Bring only what you need

Once you have found the right bag, the next thing that you need to consider is how to put your belongings inside. lf you are not a seasoned and smart traveler, you can do the Russian Nesting Doll method to pack your things. Here, you need to wrap delicate objects with your shirts and jeans so you are sure that everything is well-arranged and protected inside your bag. Rather than just putting everything inside the backpack, wrapping items like camera or video and tucking them in saves space, allowing you to bring enough things.


3. Send souvenir items through freight

lf you are planning to bring souvenirs with you, make sure that you still have space left inside your bag. There are some travelers who cannot put off shopping whenever they are in a foreign land. If that is the case then try to inquire about shipping costs in case the items will not fit inside your backpack. Forcing yourself to bring all the cute souvenirs you see can cause heavy luggage or worse ruin the items during your travel back home.


4. Bring clothes that are easy to wash and dry

There is no law that will punish you for wearing the same sets of clothing during your vacation. For backpack travelers, it is recommended to bring clothes that are easy to wash and dry, so you can wear them the next day or after a couple of days. Bringing a lot of clothes is not a good decision unless the trip calls for it, say you have parties or gatherings to attend to.


Packing your items in preparation for your trip is not a rocket science. You only have to plan ahead, bring the right bag, your needed belongings and just be practical. Enjoying a trip does not always mean bringing your entire room with you.


How to Buy Luggage for Your Trips

Knowing how to buy luggage can be important if you travel a lot with your job or for recreational purposes. Just any old piece of luggage will not do especially if you need to take specific things on your trip or if you're traveling overseas. Sometimes taking the right type of luggage and packing well can make the difference in a having a good trip or a disastrous episode. So make sure that you pick the right kind of luggage for your particular travel needs. Here are a few tips to help you know how to buy luggage for your trips.


What is your purpose for traveling?

Are you a business traveler who regularly needs the same type of luggage because you have to take along a laptop, files and a briefcase? Perhaps you need to take along dress clothes for the evening as well as business attire for the days. Maybe you're just an occasional vacationer who packs just what you need and that's it. Or maybe you have a family and need to pack a lot for even just a week. Each type of traveler will need to use specific types of luggage that is more practical for their set of needs.


Where do you travel?

Do you travel overseas, across the country or just a few hours from home? Overseas travelers have a whole different set of luggage needs than those who travel domestically. Issues such as airport security, overhead luggage space on a plane and the weight of your luggage will all be issues that you need to address when traveling abroad. But if you're a domestic traveler who is driving, you may be able to take as many pieces of luggage as you want. Where you travel has a lot to do with what pieces of luggage and what styles you may need.


How long is your trip?

There are many different designs of luggage that is made to accommodate various amounts of personal items depending on how much you need. If you are planning on a short weekend hop to a domestic location, you may only want to bring along a small piece of luggage that roIIs along with you as you walk through airports. It can be stored in your overhead luggage space and you don‘t have to wait in long lines at the luggage terminal after your flight is over. if you will be gone for several weeks or months, it may be best for you choose an entire luggage ensemble so that you have a matching set which is easy to spot and which will provide different sizes for everything you need to pack.


Be sure to attach name tags to every piece of luggage you take with you on any trip. Keep in mind as well, that it is easier to see a brightly colored suitcase than it is to find the typical black one. This also makes for a less chance of your things being accidentally picked up by another traveler.


Accessibility is a major perk of choosing soft luggage. The pockets in the frontal part of the bags are really convenient. Here you can easily reach for the things that you want to keep handy, but may not need in the carry on like as toiletries, change of clothes, an extra book, charger or sweater. it is really true for the parents traveling with small kids. Having an extra pacifier, extra blanket, clothes or a favorite toy in the outside pocket works as a great alternative to jamming all the extra supplies.



Hard shell luggage is comparatively easy to handle in the airports or train stations as the majority of these have four wheels instead of two. Though it is possible to find out soft luggage with four wheels, it is less common as four wheels’ work as a standard feature for hard shells. This also makes maneuvering cases quite easier, and since this type of luggage uses 360-degree wheels, it's harder to drag, flio or lose the balance on the heavy bags. This is really beneficial for people, who have heavy items in their luggage or need to get multiple flights.


Customized looks:


Different patterns and shades are really common with the hard cases, and this feature makes these bags quite easier to spot. Even the users can also choose from different prints. Though bags with soft cases also come in different shades, in these cases the exterior parts get dirty after a few trips. Besides, general wear and tear is also pretty common.

Almost every one of us might have already heard the term passport, the majority still have several inquiries about this document and the rules in the application process. Basically, the most sought after info concern the application course, the purpose of the document and who are required to have one- Passport is the most important and inevitable document required for any and all international travel. If you are planning a foreign trip in near future but you forgot to get your process your most essential travel certificate, then you may need to get it done in an emergency.

Traveling by air provides the largest exchange of citizens from one country to another, and the measures are taken to ensure safety are essential for any country. The departure or arrival airports will often require a document such as passports. occasionally you may also be asked to have international travel insurance as well. If you travel domestically, a driver's license or similar identification might be sufficient, and it will be your decision to get travel medical insurance or not; it is often a good idea to protect your investments against the unforeseen circumstances.

Passports as a form of identification are necessary for any type of international travel. When you're flying across seas, going from country to country, you will have to prove your identity and your safety clearance along the way. Travel document requirements vary from place to place, but many of the documents mandated are similar no matter what country you are in.

Passports are issued in most countries around the world and serve as an official form of identification from your country of origin. The picture on your passport should be kept recent, and the condition of the passport should be kept up. The passports give personal information and traveling history, and if they are expired or damaged, you will likely not be allowed into the foreign country.

Passports are fundamental necessities for international travel, nobody is permitted to leave and enter a country without a passport. Did you know that even babies, celebrities, and diplomats need to have their valid passports when traveling internationally? Basically, no one is exempted in having a passport as a requirement for international travel.


The question is what's really a passport? For those who don't know, a valid passport is a legal document that validates an individual's identity when entering and different country. Basically, it contains a picture, and relevant information about personal identification for legal reasons. Some may mistake a visa for a passport, but a visa is completely different from a passport because a visa is a proof that a person is eligible to come into a foreign country.

Applying for a passport can take some months, some even last for as long as three months for the application process to be completed. Having known this information, you must be very conscious by now that if you have a tour out of the country very soon, you must apply for a valid passport already as the process might actually take time. But if ever you really don't have the luxury of time to apply for it, do not fret because there are companies that can help your expedite the process. In fact, even a corporate travel company that specializes in business travel management provides these types of services that expedite the passport application course. Also, ensure that your passport is up to date. For instance, your passport must be valid for at least six months after the date you enter a foreign country. This is crucial since there are some countries which will not grant you entry if your passport is about to run out. Hence, it's vital to make sure that you know where your passport is and that it is valid for the right amount of time you're away.

Below are five passport guidelines tips to ensure your trip is smooth and delay-free:


1. mind about the expiry date.


If you had a passport for a while, you should take a moment to check the expiry date; you will not be able to travel if the date has already passed. If it expires after you leave, you may have problems being allowed back into the country. Note that some countries require the passports that are valid for six months after your arrival.

  • Apply as far in advance as possible.
  • Take a clear photo following passport photo guidelines.
  • Make sure you have your birth certificate.
  • Carry a photocopy of your passport.

The cheapest airfares to Canada can take you to cities as far the Caribbean or Mexico - but all of these places, as well as others, require proper documentation for entry. To enter many of these cities and countries, you might need a Passport. This is a type of travel document that gives you permission to enter a specific country and stay there for a set period of time.

You can check if you need a Passport or International Travel Insurance requirements at a Consulate or Embassy of the country you are travel to. The passport will expire after a set period of time, and they can be obtained in a number of different ways. You can apply for one before ever entering an international country (sometimes there is no other way but to get Passport in advance), or you could obtain one from immigration after entering the country. Usually, a traveler would submit to an application providing personal and or travel details, occasionally might be asked about your health or financial situation and intentions. The Passport can be obtained in the form of a single-entry document, or you may have a multiple entry Passport that will be valid for months or years. These types of Passport extend to cover repeated visits to a country.

Therefore, before you book your travel, especially last minute travel, make sure you have all the proper documents. Verify the passport {including length of validity) and other requirements to enter a foreign country. In addition, make sure you are not required to have a travel medical insurance as sometimes it may be required for senior travel.

In short, all countries all around the globe require a passport for entry and re-entry to their premises. in addition, every country has distinctive government system and passport application differs too. Good thing services that expedite the application can help you anytime.


Travel luggage is an essential part of any trip as it helps you carry your clothes, shoes, documents, accessories and sometimes work equipment. While some people have enjoyed great trips because they were prepared with good travel luggage, many people have ended up frustrated after carrying the wrong luggage. When looking to buy travel luggage, most people think of the luggage that will allow them to carry as many items as possible. While this is a good consideration, there are factors that contribute to you traveling with the ideal luggage.


Types of Travel Luggage

There are different kinds of travel luggage fashioned for various kinds of people such as kids, women, men, sportsmen or professionals. When choosing the luggage for travelling, you should consider these groups. For instance, luggage meant for sportsmen may need more space for carrying their equipment as compared to that of businessmen who may just need to pay documents. Some of the common types of luggage include hard plastic luggage, carry-on cases, duffel bags, computer bags, leather briefcases, carry-on cases. There are also garment bags, tote bags, backpacks and so on. There are also different materials for making luggage and these include leather which happens to be the heaviest material. Despite it being heavy, leather is a stylish and elegant material for luggage and most people prefer buying leather luggage for these reasons.


Top Accessories to Buy for your Travel Luggage

When preparing to travel, there are some accessories that you can buy for your travel luggage to enhance efficiency and let you have a hassle-free and relaxing vacation.


Lock Set

Many frequent travelers swear by the lock set. The latter is necessary for securing bags if you will be checking them in instead of bringing them on board the aircraft. Lock sets have matching keys and they should fit well in your bag to prevent thieves from accessing your valuables. Quite a number of travelers have lost valuables such as cameras because their bags did not have any form of security. If you have a laptop bag, you can use a padlock to secure it.


Luggage Identifiers or Luggage Tags

it is always good to know how to identify your luggage whether you are carrying it to the aircraft with you or checking it. One way of easily identifying your luggage is by using an identifier or tag and the good news is that they come in different colors, shapes and sizes. There are also various options for materials for the tags or identifiers.


Handle Warp

It can be quite taxing to your hands to pull your heavy bag and one way of preventing this is by using a handle warp. Most bags and luggage have a rubber warp because they offer the user a firm grip as they handle the metal handle of the bag. If you use the warp the handle will get enhanced support as well.


Digital Luggage Scale

It is quite common to find people wasting much time as they go over the weight limits of their luggage, a process that often causes them to pay more for their luggage. A digital luggage scale can help you measure the weight of the bag before you go to the airport. Since you will be doing this at the comfort of your home, you get to remove the items that you want to bring along but that you do not need. You can remove the items that you can find in your new destination as well.


Tips to Choose the best Travel Luggage

Your trips will determine the kind of luggage that you will be carrying along. For instance, a person who is going for a holiday, you will need to carry a big bag that can accommodate all your belongings for the length of time that you will be at the new destination. Such trips may also require you to take a carry on bag with you. Most of the big bags and suitcases have wheels that will make it less troublesome to move them around as you stroll out of the airport. You can still move with your bag at a bus terminal or at the train station as well. You will also save much time if you use luggage with wheels and this is ideal for all travelers as they have to be punctual to get their trains, bus or flight.

You should also consider attributes such as resilience, strength and durability when choosing your luggage. The best kind of luggage is the one reinforced at the sides some edges as this helps to protect against any hitting or being thrown during its handling. Another important tip that many people overlook as they buy travel bags is the weight of the luggage which adds to the overall weight after you have packed all your belongings.

With this issue in mind, manufacturers are now making luggage with light materials, and that are ideal for travelers. If you are travelling for a business meeting, your luggage should have both functionality and looks. Here, luggage made from leather is preferred and you can choose between full grain, top grain or bonded. The luggage should be secure as well because of its contents. This means that the locking system and zipper should be able to handle any kind of tampering. The bag should also offer easy access as well as packing.

Business trios may require you to carry suites or official garments and your luggage should make it possible for you to carry them without them getting creased. There should also be different compartments and pockets to make it possible for you to categorize items in one travel bag. The cost of the luggage is another important factor and is normally determined by the brand, material or size of the bag.

You should compare different types and brands of luggage so as to get the most affordable one for you. While considering cost, you should be aware of the fact that cheap can sometimes be expensive and you pay less money only to have to contend with luggage that breaks easily, which could damage your belongings.


So you have touched down, and now are waiting for what seen to be a lifetime for your bags appear in the baggage claim area. A while later, the carousel come to to a halt empty; your luggage,suitcases , and bag never slowed up! The moment you have dreaded each time you travel has come to pass! Your things gone!

A few minutes later after coming to terms with reality, you decide to act fast and  put in a lost luggage claim with being airline, who then promise to do everything possible to find your belongings. So what next?

If you have ever lost luggage during travel, then you understand how painful it can feel not knowing whether or not you will ever get your hands on your belongings again. We have a dozen tips to help you mitigate or prevent the problem of lost luggage.


1.Check your luggage early

Arriving at the airport only a few minutes to departure may result in your luggage missing the flight. A good rule is to get to the airport at least an hour ahead of your departure.

In as much as technology may enable you check the status of your flight and even check in from anywhere, using your smart phone, nothing can change the fact that traveling is a physical process. The later you arrive at the airport with your luggage, the more likely is that your possessions won’t arrive at the same place and time that you do. This is simply because there will not be adequate time to get every item to the aircraft. Always check in at least 2 hours before flight departure to have an easy time with your luggage.



2. Choose Only the Suitcases and bags that will be Easily Noticeable

When you are out there shopping for luggage, it is important that you go for something unique that will stand out among other luggage. If bag or suitcase that blends in is your only your option, then ass some decoration to make is it stand could decorate it with stickers, ribbons, or put a distinctive bagggae tag or a colorful strap aroun the exterior part.

3. Check Baggage Tags put On your Baggage for Accuracy

An incorrect baggage tag can get your luggage to the wrong destination. Many times, we’ve had a ticket agent place the wrong tag on your suitcase.this happens especially when agents are rushed and pick somebody else’s tag from the printer. So, be sure to check your tag’s accuracy before your luggage is put on the conveyor belt.


4.Do not Drop your luggage with the old tags Still On It

If your baggage still carries bar code tag from the previous flight on it, take it off immediately. Invalid tags easily point your bags to the wrong destination.

Some airlines place smaller, additional bar code stickers on the sides of your suitcase, so be sure to check and remove them all before you leave the house.

Nowadays luggage sorting i mostly done electronically, so this step will ensure that the system does not receive inaccurate signals from your luggage.


5. Long Straps or Anything Dangling from your luggage is  Big No-No

Anything hanging or swinging from your suitcase can get it stuck or knocked off baggage handling systems. This may delay your suitcase if not result in lost case.


6. Ship Your Luggage If Possible

Shipping is becoming a more desirable option to flight travelers, thanks to the rising checked baggage fees. The cost it takes to ship luggage is almost comparable to the cost it takes to have your baggage aboard the flight.

Rather than to check our bags and suitcases, you could easily ship than to your destination. Of course, there is always the likelihood that your luggage will get delayed or even lost in transit.However, disappointments are very rare with this alternative.


7. Photograph your Baggage along with the Contents

Although taking photos of your luggage before you have it on board will not prevent it from getting lost or delayed, this step can help you recover it and ensure that you are properly compensated in the event of a loss. Also, the more details about your missing possessions you can provide the airline, the batter they are able to find them fast.


8. Use an Electronic luggage Tracker

When it comes to air travel, it pays to be a little bit techno savvy electronic baggage trackers answer this call. These portable devices that are built to track luggage during transit can help you effectively keep track of your luggage during flight.

  Direct, Non-Stop Flight, If you Have an Option

More than half of to the delayed and lost luggage occurs as a result  of luggage will require, increasing the chance that it will get to your destination safely with you.


10.acquire Travel Insurance Coverage for your luggage

If your suitcase and bags are significantly delayed or lost and need replacements, travel insurance is your best bet. For most countries, the airline's baggage liability as for as domestic flights gongs is pegged to the actual value of the luggage, but slightly less when it comes to international flights.



Christmas time is here, a lot of people are traveling and the number of lost luggage claims appears to be on the rise by the day as we near Christmas and New year.

Although using the above baggage loss prevention methods does not guarantee that you will have lost or delayed luggage, but taking these methods into consideration the consideration improves the chances that your bags and suitcases will arrive safely with you at your destination.

Choose the right luggage, checked luggage tags for accuracy and remove old tags, take off anything dangling from your suitcase, photography your luggage and its content and yau can be sure that luggage, suitcases, and bags will arrive at your destination safely with you.